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Pixel Impact is an NGO that develops engaged video games on climate change and environmental issues to make your voice heard.
Our project is collaborative so join the adventure today.



Video games that matter

Pixel Impact develops multiplatform video game on climate change and others
environmental issues. Our first project will be released soon.

Knowledge is power

Our games are pedagogic and playful. Because we believe that having fun is the best way to learn and that understanding climate change is the first step toward a bigger commitment.

Turn players into actors

We are all part of the solution and together we can change the decision-making process. Therefore we want to build the right tools for you to act and to make your voice heard while playing our games.


- A FACT AND HUMAN-INDUCED: because of our emissions of greenhouse gases, the
temperature is already warming and may rise up to 6°C this century without climate Action.

- A GLOBAL EMERGENCY: everybody is concerned. We all share
responsibility and we are all affected by the arising impacts in a way or

- A CHALLENGE: without any delay we need
strong policies, leading companies and the
mobilization of all the citizens of every country.

- AN OPPORTUNITY: acting for
climate is also about better
technologies, more jobs,
better health, stronger

What we can do

Together we must request and promote ambitious solutions and commitments toward the policy-makers and the industry to tackle the challenge of climate change.

Individually we must act at our level by having the right behaviors and by starting doing small things for a big change.

What is Pixel Impact doing

In addition to give you the tools to act and to understand climate change, Pixel Impact is also committed to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible.


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Pixel Impact is associated with WikiMedia to establish a worldwide open-source
database of references of the policy-makers. These database will be composed of
a Wikidata and a external website. It will be integrated inside our video
games in order to put the players in direct contact with the policy-makers.



You can help to realize our video games. Share with us your ideas,
illustrations or computer skills and we might integrate it into our video


Individuals, organizations, companies and others
can support us by making a donation.


Pixel Impact aims at developing partnerships in
order to develop together video games on climate
change and environmental issues

Contact us

pixelimpactproject [at] gmail [dot] com


Our mission

Pixel Impact is an NGO that develops, promotes and shares
pioneering multimedia tools in order to raise awareness, to educate
and to engage.

Pixel Impact’s purpose is twofold:
- To empower people worldwide to impact the decision-making
process on climate change and environmental issues
- To advocate for a greater integration of climate change and
environmental issues in the gaming industry

Our Vision

Pixel Impact empowers people throughout the world to impact the
decision-making process on climate change and environmental
issues by raising awareness and promoting social action.

Our team

Pixel Impact was established by four people who are climate
and/or video game experts with many years of relevant experience.
We all live in different countries but we share a single motivation: to do something fun that can change the world.

Our values


As visionaries we are constantly looking for pioneering strategies and tools in order to be most effective.


We seek to maximize our impact by using the power of collective action. So we pursue partnerships with other organizations that share our vision in order to mutually reinforce each other. We also actively seek out interaction and collaboration with as many citizens as possible.


We believe that acting against climate change is not only an urgent challenge but also a unique opportunity. We promote specific and ambitious solutions that are data-driven.

Politically neutral

We show no preference in terms of nationality and political party affiliation.


Pixel Impact is very attached to its independence in all its actions. We also want to ensure our financial autonomy from political and commercial interests by looking as much as possible for self-financing.


Pixel Impact cannot collaborate or be associated with organizations or companies that, by their actions or behavior, harm the environment and/or human rights.


Pixel Impact recognizes the urgency of addressing climate change. Therefore, we take ambitious and bold positions and we dare to get off the beaten track.